5/5/20 Virtual Boxing + Brunch Event Agenda

The 5/5/20 Virtual Boxing + Brunch Event is a mini online version of the live tour - a workout + workshop focused on helping teen girls build confidence. This will be a 90-minute virtual event for any and all teenage girls to join!

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VIRTUAL EVENT ONE: May 5th, 2020 - 3-4.30 p.m.

Event Agenda:

  • Intro to Boxing + Brunch - the mission + flow of activities for the session

  • Boxing Workout - the girls will learn some boxing basics from Jen Crompton and enjoy a fun workout

  • "Brunch" aka our Discussion - the girls, moderator (founder, Jen Crompton), and expert resource (Madeline Duckhorn) will discuss healthy ways to manage and cope with stress right now.

The goal is to get the girls moving and give them an outlet to socially interact with others and hear from credible resources about how to cope with and manage stress, especially given the current environment. This is mean to be fun and educational for all the girls who join!

The girls will join the event via Zoom, an online meeting platform designed for virtual meetings and events. Participants will have the chance to stay on video and engage via a chat function. All participants will require parent/guardian permission to participate and will require acknowledgment to safely participate in the workout portion.

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